What is Zombie News?

Zombie News is real news about the damned and the undead destroying America.

Like many, you may be under the mistaken belief that zombies are not real or that they are merely the creation of Hollywood legend George Romero and his legion of followers.

Well, friend, you are mistaken. Zombies are real and they are all around us today.

The Zombie News Project is a project dedicated to exposing the zombies trying to destroy America and—by extension, Western civilization—in order to bring about global zombie-ism.

21st-Century Zombies Threaten All Of Us.

Zombies in Sydney

Zombies are not what you’ve been led to believe. In fact, real zombies are even more insidious and cagey than those you see on TV and the movies in that real-life zombies do not eat people. If it were that simple, fighting and destroying zombies would be much simpler.

Rather, real zombies are far more dangerous.

Real zombies have been infected with and are adherents to global zombie-ism—a disease that is designed to enslave humans by destroying freedom.

While they appear to be “everyday” humans, zombies have been particularly adept at occupying positions of tremendous power and influence.

Lord Soros--A zombie architect.

Lord Soros, architect of the zombie infestation.

The Zombie End-Game

The zombie goal is to enact tyrannical global zombie-sim by destroying Western culture and, more specifically, the United States. Sadly, the zombies are winning.

You see, although you can identify them if you listen to their words and watch their actions, to the average person, real zombies often appear “normal” and, to the untrained, their zombie “solutions” sound almost rational.

However, they are not normal and their solutions are, in fact, deadly to human kind.

Obama & Hillary Passing the torch

The Roots Of Modern-Day Zombies

While zombies have been around for as long as humans have been alive, today’s form of zombie-ism comes in many forms. Most commonly, the zombie disease is referred to as ‘collectivism.’

As such, in its most visible and violent form (zombie terrorism), the zombie disease may appear in the form of radical extremism. The disease may manifest itself in racism.

However, in the last 150 years, the most dangerous form of the zombie disease which has infected and killed the most humans across the globe is the socio-economic form of the disease known as Marxism—and the father of ‘modern-day’ zombie-ism was Karl Marx (1818-1883).

Zombie Marx - The originator of modern zombie-ism

Zombie Marx – The originator of modern zombie-ism

Today, zombies are in our schools and workplaces. They already control mainstream media, much of our culture, academia and, especially, our nation’s capitol.

Join the fight.

The purpose of Zombie News is to expose the zombies at every opportunity.

We believe that the more humans can learn about the zombie infestation of America, the more we can defend America and, ultimately, Western civilization.

You can join our fight against the zombies by sharing Zombie News with your friends and family.